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Roller Racer & Flying Turtle Self-Propelled Riding Vehicles - FREE SHIPPING!
Self-Propelled Ride-On Toys

You might remember this self-propelled ride-on toy from the 1980's.  We carry three distinct riding scooters by Mason Corporation: the Flying Turtle for home use, the Institutional Roller Racer for institutional settings, and the Amusement Roller Racer riding toy for amusement parks. Originally designed as a children's toy, these are now very popular with young adults!

Flying Turtle Scooters
This quality, American-made "sit-skate" ride-on toy zips along any hard, smooth surface (indoors or outdoors) by swinging the handlebars from side to side. Recommended for kids ages 3-12.  Rated as one of the Top 10 Toys by Parents Magazine. High-quality materials such as polyethylene seat and powder-coated, steel handlebars and super-fast wheel bearings prove its superior quality. Sturdy enough to hold 150 lbs. This vintage ride-on toy comes completely assembled and with a one year warranty. Order now--your Flying Turtle scooter is ready for take-off. 

A unique product of American ingenuity--this timeless toy delights another generation!


1.  Sit on the middle of the seat.
2.  Place feet on the handlebars.
3.  Grip the handlebars.
4.  Swing the handlebars from side to side (don’t just turn them—swing!!)


The Flying Turtle® scooter is a safe toy for children following these guidelines.

1.  Do not use on or near inclines, roadways, or stairs.
Always ride seated, with feet on the handlebars.
Wear shoes.
Allow only one rider at a time.

The Flying Turtle® ride-on toy has been a children's favorite for over 30 years! 


- Parents Magazine chose the Flying Turtle® riding toy as one of their “Best Toys of the Year", calling it “one of 75 toys that parents can feel good about buying and kids will feel great about getting.”
Parent's Choice named this self-propelled toy one of their Recommended Award winners. 
National Parenting Publications has named it the Gold Winner.
Dallas Child/Ft. Worth Child chose the Flying Turtle® as its Publisher’s Choice winner.
Oppenheim Toy Portfolio gave the Flying Turtle® its highest award, the Gold Award.
Dr. Toy named The Flying Turtle® scooter as its Best Classic Toy Award winner in March 2005.

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Roller Racer Scooter (Institutional Model)

The Roller Racer® is a classic! This heavy-duty, institutional grade scooter used by schools and day care centers, zips along any hard, smooth surface by swinging the handlebars from side to side. Perfect for your home on hardwood or linoleum floors or outdoors on concrete or asphalt! Special features include rams-horn designed, steel handlebars with non marring buffer wheels and high quality bearings that ensure a smooth and easy ride. The low “no-tip” center of gravity makes it safe and fun. Made in the U.S.A., the Roller Racer® comes completely assembled with a one year manufacturer’s warranty. Ships UPS @ 13lbs.

Homegrown history…Originally designed by a retired Boeing engineer in the 1970’s. He used a tractor seat on his prototype model and made it for his grandson. The Roller Racer® seat of today still resembles the tractor seat of yesterday. Many adults remember riding one as a child.

We’re still trying to figure out, “How’s It Go?”

Its unique method of propulsion has made it the subject of studies in Experimental Nonlinear Physics:

“The front wheels of the machine are connected to the handlebars by a lever, in such a way that they are located behind the axis of rotation of the steering column. This means that a torque applied to the handlebars will cause a lateral friction force by the wheels on the ground, a force parallel to the axle and perpendicular to the direction the wheels are rolling. If a component of this force points to the back of the car, the reaction force of the ground on the car (by Newton's "action/reaction" law) points partly forward and accelerates the car. This is the force that drives the car forward and it ultimately comes from the force you exert on the handlebars (magnified by the lever advantage, which is 2 or 3 for the Roller Racer®.)”.

Got that?

Kids create their own ride at only 2 inches off the ground…The more Roller Racers® you have, the more fun you create, as riders interact with each other, flying through obstacle courses, playing bumper cars, and having races. An Idea Sheet for games comes with every scooter!

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Deluxe Roller Racer - BlueDeluxe Roller Racer - Blue

Roller Racer Scooter (Amusement Model)

Our gold standard of kid-powered vehicles, this Roller Racer® scooter is featured in amusement parks and family entertainment centers around the world. Our finest materials guarantee an unforgettable ride at only 2 inches off the ground. With every feature of the institutional model, the amusement version also has a thicker handlebar, sport grips and super fast ABEC-5 bearings.

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Deluxe Roller Racer - RedDeluxe Roller Racer - Red
I wanted to share the pictures of my 12 and 6 year old enjoying their Roller Racers they had gotten for Christmas. They loved them very much! I am so glad I decided to get them each one. I looked all over to find the best price and your website was by far the best deal!
M. Guillory
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