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How to Stay Safe In Your Pedal Car Ride-On Toy

Pedal Car Safety

1) Pedal Cars have no automatic breaks.  Pedal Cars should only be driven on hard, flat surfaces.  Keep Pedal Cars away from hills, steep driveways, boat ramps, and bodies of water.

2) Pedal Cars are very low to the ground and, thus, adult drivers may have difficulty seeing them.  Be sure to provide supervision around driveways where backing automobile drivers have limited visibility.  Also, make neighbors aware that youngsters with Pedal Cars may be present.  

3) Do not allow children to push the Pedal Car while another child is in it. The driver's legs and feet may get tangled up in the pedal assembly and cause injury.

4) Pedal Cars have exposed pedal mechanisms (inside the Pedal Car's body).  Do not allow your child to wear loose clothing while operating the Pedal Car as it can get caught up in the pedal mechanism much like loose clothing can get caught in a bicycle's chain.

5) Pedal Cars have no floorboards (open bottom).  Shoes should be worn at all times to avoid foot injury.

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