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Blog - Pedal Car Planet News, Updates & More

Pedal Car Planet News, Updates & More

  1. SPECIAL PRICE! $89.99 shipped! Ends Dec 31, 2022.

    Retro Scooter Blue with Navy FendersRetro Scooter in Pink/Lavender with Crystal Bling

  2. Looking to purchase the perfect dream car?  We have that perfect pedal car!  The Shelby Cobra Pedal Car Limited Edition comes in Blue and Red.  This pedal car can ship out within 24 hours.
  3. Trying to decide what to gift that toddler in your life?  Many of our customers have been ordering one of our ride-on airplanes.  See the available ones on our Ride-On Airplanes page, including the Army 44 plane, the Tiger Bomber plane, and the popular Yellow ride-on plane.
  4. Do you have an eye on a ride-on toy?  We strongly recommend ordering it now to guarantee it makes it under the Christmas tree.  If you happen to find a price lower elsewhere, just let us know.  Are you curious about top-selling items?  Lately many customers have been purchasing the Flying Turtles and Roller Racers.  This might be because they are made in the USA.  Or it might be because they can be used by children as well as adults.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email us at  Our items normally ship out within 24 hours.

    11/29/21 UPDATE:  The Green Flying Turtle is now out of stock until 2022. 

    11/30/21 UPDATE:  The Green, Teal, and Purple Flying Turtles are now out of stock until 2022.  The Blue and Red Roller Racers are in stock and can be shipped out within 24 hours.
  5. The popular MotoTe FaBoy Scooter has arrived!!

  6. We recommend the Morgan Cruiser Bicycle with training wheels for your child's first bicycle. Comes in 3 colors: Blue, Silver, and Red.
  7. Kids of all ages, as well as adults, have a ball on these Roller Racers. And they are made in the USA!

    Roller Racer
  8. The Kalee Pedal Tractors will be returning for Christmas and we are taking pre-orders now.

  9. The below Pedal Cars have been deeply discounted for Memorial Day Weekend! Hurry, these won't last long! Sale ends Monday, 5/31/2017, 11:59PM Central Time.

    Deluxe Vintage Red Delivery Truck Roadster Pedal Car - $315
    Deluxe Fire Engine Roadster Truck - $319
    Fire Engine Truck Pedal Car - $199
    Red Retro Pickup Truck - $199
    Pedal Tractor w/ Dumper - $129
    Pedal Tractor w/ Loader - $129
  10. Place your order by early this week to guarantee Christmas delivery. Most items go out on the same day ordered.
    Check out our tricycles:

    No automatic alt text available.
  11. We also carry bicycles for all ages. 12" to 20" bikes can be found here:
  12. A few of our pedal planes have sold out for the year. If you are planning on ordering a pedal plane for your child or grandchild, we suggest placing your order soon. We can have your plane shipped out by Monday.  We also carry scootalong planes for toddlers too young to pedal. One of these would look beautiful under the tree!

    All Scoot-Along Ride-On Toys:
  13. Your child too small to pedal? Consider one of our scootster trains. Here are two of our trains, the Santa Fe and the Amtrak.

    Santa Fe Train ScootsterAmtrack Train Scootster
  14. The price for the MotoTec Wheelman V2 50cc Gas Skateboard has dropped considerably, to $559 shipped!  It is available in Black or Silver.

    There is also a new swivel front end which makes it easier to ride.
  15. Now through end of August, use coupon code DEX08 at checkout and receive $30 off the listed SALE price:
    1. Deluxe Fire Truck Roadster Pedal Car
    2. Deluxe Woody Wagon Roadster Pedal Car
    3. Deluxe Vintage Red Delivery Truck Roadster Pedal Car
    4. Deluxe Woody Delivery Truck Roadster Pedal Car
    5. Deluxe Christmas Tree Delivery Truck Roadster Pedal Car
    6. Voiture Classic Pedal Car (Blue)
    Christmas is just around the corner! Please be advised there is no guarantee these items, and any on our website, will be in stock for the holidays.
  16. We have just added a new Wooden Pedal Car Kit that works with the Pedal Car Chassis Kit.  You can purchase the wood kit and chassis kit individually or as a set on the  Complete Pedal Car Wood Kit product page.

    Every child should grow up riding a pedal car. We're offering you $30 off select ride-on toys. Just use discount code DEXTON15 when checking out online. Select pedal cars and battery-operated cars include:
    Mercedes-Benz S-Klasse W221 2009 6V
    Deluxe Fire Truck Roadster Pedal Car
    Deluxe Police Pick Up Roadster Pedal Car
    Pink Comet Sedan
    Taxi Comet Sedan
    Police Comet Sedan with Siren
    Fire Fighter Comet Sedan
    Voiture Classic Pedal Car (Pink)
    Voiture Classic Pedal Car (Blue)
  18. The Kalee Fire Truck is back in stock!
  19. Check out the new USA Speedster! In stock now and ready to ship.
    USA Speedster (Red White Blue)
  20. We are very happy to announce that our 55 Classic Pedal Cars are now back in stock. We have the Aqua/White, Red/White and Black w/flames.

    1955 Classic Pedal Car - Red & White

    55 Aqua Classic Pedal Car
    1955 Classic Pedal Car - Aqua & White

    55 Black Hot Rod Classic Pedal Car with Flames
    1955 Classic Pedal Car - Black W/Flames
  21. The Scoot-Along Eagle Bi-Plane is back in stock and they are already moving fast! We suggest getting your order in as soon as possible.

    Scoot-Along Eagle Bi-Plane
  22. We have six new Comet pedal cars in stock and ready to ship! Models include the Pink Comet Car, Black Hot Rod Comet Car, Fire Engine Comet Car, Deep Burgundy Comet Car, Yellow Taxi Comet Car, and Police Comet Car.
  23. Check out our go-cart page.  We have added many new pedal karts!  These pedal karts are all made in the USA.

    Pedal Karts, Battery-Powered & Gas Go-Carts

  24. The 1955 Classic Pink Pedal Car and the 1955 Black Sidewalk Cruiser Pedal Car are back in stock! We suggest ordering well before December to guarantee these get found under the Christmas tree.

    Also back in stock are the Speedster Fire Truck and the Yellow Speedster with Flames.  These are perfect for baby's 1st Christmas!

    The Silver Eagle Bi-Plane Scoot-A-Long is also back in stock.
  25. The very popular Injusa Repsol Wind Motorcycle 6v and Motocross Thunder Max VX 12v are back in stock! These are sure to disappear well before the holiday shopping season gets under way (hint, hint). 
  26. This Silver/Chrome Retro Tricycle by Morgan Cycle is just too cool for words.

  27. The Kalee Pedal Fire Truck is a popular holiday gift for the little ones.  We have a battery-powered version, too!
  28. We've added a new John Deere Girl's 12" Pink Bicycle.  Go check it out!  We also have a John Deere Girl's 16" Bike in stock, as well as Boy's 12" and 16" John Deere Bikes.

  29. A new Silver Bi-Plane Scoot-Along Ride-On has just been added.  Also, the Scoot-Along Speedsters are all back in stock, including the popular Speedster Fire Truck, the Yellow Hot Dog Speedster with Flames, the Pink Speedster, and the Silver & Red Speedster Racers.  Also back in stock is the 1934 Black Hot Rod Jalopy Pedal Car.

  30. The Roadster pedal car promotion is back! GET $60 OFF THE CURRENT SALE PRICE!! This special promotion ends Friday, 12/31.

    Our Special Deluxe Fire Truck, normally on sale for $365, is now only $305 with Free Ground Shipping!

    Our Special Deluxe Pink Roadster and Special Deluxe Blue Roadster, normally on sale for $335, are currently $275 with Free Ground Shipping!

    Hurry, as this special promotion ends December 31, 2010.

  31. The long-awaited, very popular '55 classic pedal cars have arrived and are ready to ship!  The 55's now have an improved steering system, a new pedal mechanism and an improved perimeter frame. These changes help to make the 55's have smoother steering, a sturdier frame and overall just more solid. Some other changes you can expect to see is that the Red/Beige 55 is now Red/White. Also, the seat padding on all of the 55's is now a very attractive dark brown. These changes have been made to improve the quality of our 55 Classics but still keep them cost effective. We know you will like them as much as we do. If you want one of these under your Christmas tree this year, you better place your order now!

    1955 Classic Pedal Car (Pink & White)

    1955 Classic Pedal Car (Red & White)

    1955 Classic Sidewalk Cruiser Hot Rod Pedal Car (Black)

    The 1955 Classic Pedal Car (Aqua & White) is due to arrive within the next week or two.

  32. We have just added more ride-on toys to our Under $100 product page.  Check out our product we just reduced!  Many clearance items have been added. 

    Check out all products priced under $100:

  33. The following BIG items have arrived:

    SLK Bobby Benz
    Linde Forklift
    Big Jimmy Loader Tractor
    Porsche Diesel Tractor
    Big Tank Trailer
    Big Dump Trailer
    Big Pony Trailer

  34. Just in time for Independence Day coming up in about 2 weeks, the Patriot Tricycle by Dirt King!  The Dirt King Patriot Tricycle has taken on a special look with all the same features plus a few more. You are getting the same tough built Dirt Bike trike but we've given it a Patriotic face lift. The red and blue frame with white wheels stands out in a crowd. We've added a bunch of white stars and some really cool red, white, and blue streamers.

    Patriotic Tricycle

  35. The Evo Scooters have arrived!  We have several gas and electric powered scooters to choose from, including the new Evo 2x Big Wheel 50cc Gas Scooter.
  36. We have just added more quality tricyles, including dually tricycles!  The American-made Dirt King trike is virtually indestructible. Hand welded and constructed of heavy duty 14- and 16-gauge steel. The Dirt King has all terrain pneumonic tires mounted on heavy duty steel rims with 5/8 inch steel ball-bearings. The adjustable seat and tilting handle-bars allow the Dirt King to adapt with your growing youngster for years of thrills and healthful fun and exercise. For big kids and adults, Dirt King offers a big kid's tricycle and adult trike ride that is sure to impress and be the envy of the neighborhood. Unlike with typical solid tire trikes, rugged ground is no match for the Dirt King. Thanks to its air-filled flotation tires, making old and uneven sidewalks and gravel yards just another Sunday drive.

    The Dirt King trike comes in 3 sizes – children’s Regular Dirt King Tricycle and Dually Tricycle (ages 3 to 6),  Big Kids' Dually Tricycle (ages 7 to 10), and an Adult Dually Trike. The Dirt King tricycles are available in 8 different colors: Red, Blue, Pink, Purple, Green, and Yellow.


    New also are the Dirt King wagon and tricycle cart/trailer!  The wagon and cart are available in Red, Blue, and Green.

  37. We have just added a new old-time gas pump to our collection of gas pumps. Check out our new red Mobil Old-Time Gas Pump. Remember when gas was only 18 cents/gallon? Maybe not, but our red Mobil old-time gas pump with working clock and light makes a great decorative piece. Looking for a toy gas pump?  Then check out out Toy Gas Pumps page.  At 2 1/2 feet high, our authentic-looking toy gas pumps are just the perfect size for pedal cars.  The perfect gift for pedal car lovers of any age!
  38. The Injusa 24v Pocket Bike is back!  This was previously one of our best sellers.  The Big brand items have also arrived, including the Linde Forklift and Big tractors.

    Injusa Repsol 24V Pocket Bike Motorcycle

  39. David Ludwig, director of Optimal Weight for Life Program at Children's Hospital in Boston, said parents must take control within the home. His suggestions:

    1.      Stock up on good food
    Fill your house with foods that are both delicious & nutritious (fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, beans, fish, lean protein, reduced-fat dairy products) & don't bring home junk food (cookies, cakes, sweetened cereals & sugary drinks).

    2.      Make sweets a treat
    Save treats for special occasions. You don't have to give up sweets entirely, but go out for them instead of having them at home.

    3.      Ditch the drive-through
    Avoid fast food. A study showed overweight teens consume about 400 more calories on a day when they consume fast food compared with a day in which they don't.

    4.      Turn off the TV
    Make physical activity the focus of the home instead of television. No TV in the kitchen or bedrooms.

    5.      Equip for exercise
    Give children the basic tools to be active: jump ropes, balls, Frisbees.

    6.      Shake it!
    Encourage them to dance, an excellent activity. When they are having fun, they are not thinking about it as exercise

  40. First lady Michelle Obama, at a meeting of the U.S. Conference of Mayors, called obesity an epidemic and one of the greatest threats to our healthy and economy. She has launched a major initiative to combat this problem in childhood. Her Let's Move campaign involves the government working with local communities to provide more nutritious food in school, allow more opportunities for kids to be physically active and give more communities access to affordable, healthful food.

    Statistics show 32% of children are obese or overweight. Almost 20% of children ages 6-11 and 18% of those ages 12-19 are obese. Such children are at greater risk for weight-related health problems and have an increased chance of becoming obese adults.

    These numbers are startling, to say the least. We wish Mrs. Obama much success in her new initiative. Of course, healthy habits start at home. We, as parents, should all be working on forming  good habits at home to benefit our children and their future, as well as the future of the U.S.
  41. We have just added two new John Deere ride-on toys that you are sure to love.  The John Deere 36" Pink Stake Wagon and the John Deere Steel Pink Wheelbarrow.  Adorable items for that special little girl in your life!

    Girl's Pink 36

  42. A very limited number of White Classic Luxury Cruisers (Battery-Powered) are available now. Many of you asked about this classy ride during the Christmas rush. It's a little late, but it's here. This cool battery-powered car would make a great Valentine's or Easter gift!

    02/11/10 UPDATE:  2 LEFT!!

  43. Limited Edition Volunteer Fire Truck Pedal Car by Gearbox has been DISCONTINUED!  However, we have just ONE in stock!  There is the LAST UNIT of its kind available.  Get it before it's gone!

  44. New products recently added include Mini Motos Star Car 6v (Remote Controlled) in Red and in Black as well as several Evo Scooters:

    Evo Rx 52cc Powerboard Black
    Evo 800w Electric Scooter Black
    Evo 500w Electric Scooter Black
    Evo 300w Electric Scooter Black
    Evo 2x 52cc Powerboard Black

    We also recently added the Speedgo 40cc Gas Powered Skateboard.

  45. The Speedsters (Fire Truck, Red, Pink & Silver Racers, Yellow Hot Dog w/Flames), Black Route 66 & Red Gas Pumps & Pedal Car Kits are now in!
  46. Our Big plastic ride-on toys, including tractors, trailers, have arrived.  The below items are now back in stock:

    Big-56560 Porsche Diesel Junior
    Big-56342 Big SLK Bobby Benz BLACK
    Big-56674 Big Dump Trailer
    Big-56676 Big Pony Trailer
    Big-56525 Big Jimmy Loader plus Trailer

  47. Our most asked about fire truck is finally in, the new and improved Authentic (Velocity) Pedal Fire Truck!! This firetruck has lights on both the front and rear and features 2 different fire engine sirens. Also includes a horn and sprayer sound feature. New model also gives the child an additional 3 inches of leg room as opposed to the older model.

    Coming next week is the 12V battery-powered version of this fire truck.  We are now taking pre-orders.

    Authentic Velocity Fire Truck FFT101 Pedal Battery 12V

  48. If you have been waiting on the Toys Toys battery-operated cars (Ferrari, Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar, Porsche, Lamborghini, and others) to arrive, they are now in!  We do strongly suggest placing your order now.  Most of these sell out well before Thanksgiving even arrives.
  49. Our most requested Authentic (Velocity) Pedal Fire Truck FFT101 is coming soon! Many of you have asked when we'd have the new firetruck in stock and we're happy to inform you that they are right around the corner.  As many of you know, the past model was discontinued and a new unit was redesigned with a new manufacturer.  The new firetruck will be better quality with a more updated design.  We will also have a battery-operated version of this same firetruck available for this holiday period which will be of 12V power!  We will provide all the details/specs of these two new fire trucks over the coming weeks.   We expect the pedal fire engine to arrive no later than Oct. 31st and the battery operated fire truck to arrive no later than Nov. 15th.  The water spraying feature was removed from this new model since the water components on the last unit were the #1 reason for customer complaints.  We do plan on having a backpack water sprayer that can be bundled with this item.  Once we get specifics on delivery dates for this item we will let you know.

    Authentic Velocity Fire Truck FFT101 Pedal Battery 12V

  50. Here's a great reason to buy those ride-on toys you've been eyeing and at the same time help out a great cause.  Throughout the month of August, for every product over $100 that you purchase, we will donate $5 to MDA (Muscular Dystrophy Association).  So what are you waiting for?  Make that purchase now!

  51. Be sure to check out the new Thomas pedal train that just arrived this week!  This famous blue train is sure to be a hit with both kids and adults alike.Thomas the Tank Engine Metal Pedal Train 
  52. If you have been waiting on the popular John Deere 36" Stake Wagon to arrive on June 15, we strongly suggest placing your pre-order NOW.  The distributor is almost sold out!  This is your warning.  :-)

    John Deere 36

  53. The much-awaited Linde Pedal Forklift is due to arrive next week! This pedal ride-on is definitely one that is hard to keep in stock.

    Linde Forklift Pedal Ride-On Toy

  54. Check out the new pedal car kits we have recently added.  We have had many of you asking about other pedal car kit options.  We have added a Pedal Fire Truck Kit, a Pedal Dump Truck Kit, and a Pedal Police Car Kit. 

    Sold separately are the pedal car plan, the pedal car hardware kit, and the pedal car wheel kit.  When you purchase the value pack (hardware kit and wheel kit together), you save $10.

    We welcome your comments or other product suggestions.

    Fire Truck Pedal Car Kit PlanPolice Pedal Car Kit PlanPedal Dump Truck Kit Plan

  55. Two Toys Toys Enzo Ferraris were just shipped to Britney Spears for a photo shoot in Elle Magazine. They will be used as props for the photo shoot with her kids. Keep an eye out for these pictures and article!

    Toys Toys Enzo Ferrari 12V battery ride-on vehicle

  56. *****  08/24/09 UPDATE:  THESE HAVE SINCE BEEN DISCONTINUED  *****

    We have added several MLB pedal cars for our baseball fans.  What better way for your child to cheer for their beloved MLB team than driving the officially licensed pedal car! Our pedal cars support the physical wellness of your child and an opportunity to support their favorite MLB team. Our cars are pedal powered allowing your child to pedal the car both forward and in reverse. Your child will pedal their heart away while racing towards another championship in this cool ride-on toy!

    Arizona Diamondbacks Pedal Car
    Boston Red Sox Pedal Car
    Chicago Cubs Pedal Car
    Chicago White Sox Pedal Car
    Cleveland Indians Pedal Car
    Detroit Tigers Pedal Car
    Houston Astros Pedal Car
    Los Angeles Dodgers Pedal Car
    Minnesota Twins Pedal Car
    New York Mets Pedal Car
    New York Yankees Pedal Car
    Philadelphia Phillies Pedal Car
    San Francisco Giants Pedal Car
    Seattle Mariners Pedal Car
    St. Louis Cardinals Pedal Car

  57. We are celebrating Earth Day by offering all of our customers 10% off our earth-friendly ride-on toys.  Just use the discount code EARTHDAY2009 at checkout.  This coupon is only good now thru Earth Day, so start shopping now!
  58. Earth Hour occurs this Saturday, March 28, 2009, from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm your local time. This event is a global event in which millions of people will turn out their lights to make a statement of concern about our planet and climate change. By simply turning out all non-essential lighting for one hour in our offices, facilities, and our own homes, we will join tens of millions of concerned citizens throughout the world in calling for action to save our planet for our future generations.

    Each Hour is sponsored by the World Wildlife Fund. Details are available at

  59. A new Thomas pedal train coming soon! 

      Thomas the Tank Engine Pedal Train Ride-On Toy

  60. Ours Toys Toys and Injusa battery-powered vehicles will be back in stock in 04/06/09.  We have two brand new Toys Toys ride-ons coming:

    Ferrari California (battery and pedal)
    Lamborghini Gallardo (battery and pedal)

    Also, the Mercedes SL and SLK ride-ons have new body styles:

    Mercedes SL (battery and pedal)
    Mercedes SLK (battery)

    These products meet the new CPSIA laws. The Big items from Germany are about 4 weeks out from being certified. Once approved, we will have the Big ride-on toys back on order.

  61. Our Mini Motos ride-on toys are all back in stock!  Many of you have especially been asking for the Car Bug and the Classic Car, both now with parent remote control feature.  Check out our new Sports Car 2-Seater!  It's sure to be a hit!

    The complete list of Mini Motos battery-powered vehicles includes:

    Car Racer 6V (Pink, Yellow) REMOTE CONTROL
    Off Road Truck 6v (Black, Yellow, Green) REMOTE CONTROL
    Off Road Truck 12V (Black, Green, Red, Yellow)
    Car Bug (Blue, Green, Pink) NOW REMOTE CONTROL
    Dirt Bike (Green)
    Classic Car (Red, White) REMOTE CONTROL
    ATV Racer (Green, Red)
    ATV Baja (Orange)
    ATV Enduro (Blue, Camo, Red)
    Sports Car 12V Two-Seater (Red, Silver) NEW MODEL!

    Our Toys Toys battery-powered ride-on cars were delayed a bit due to the new CPSIA laws. ETA is 2-3 weeks.  We will start taking pre-orders shortly!

  62. The pretty pink Fantasy Flyer Pedal Plane was recently featured in Cookie Magazine. Check out their 10 Best Ride-On Toys article . The pink pedal plane that was used for this photo shoot is being sold at $50 off the SALE price -- that's $387.00 with free shipping! This adorable pink pedal plane retails for $529.00.  If interested in this awesome deal, please email us at


  63. All of these items are now available:

    - Feber Buggy Pirate 6v
    - Feber Formula 1 6v Car
    - Feber Quad Brutale 12v ATV
    - Feber Roadster Waverazor 6v Car
    - Feber Sport Series Rocket 6v Motorcycle
    - Feber TT Adventure 12v Truck
    - Feber Buggy Bucaneer 12v
    - Febercross SXC 6v Dirt Bike

  64. While supplies last, we are offering the following specials. Limited quantities available until December 17, 2008.

    Sport Racer Pedal Plane was on sale for $517.00.  NOW $437.00!!

    Blue Sky King Tricycle was on sale for $279.00.  NOW $238.00!!

    Silver & Red Retro Rockers were on sale for $49.00.  NOW 50% OFF when you purchase a Corsair Pedal Plane, Pink Fantasy Flyer Pedal Plane, Red Baron Pedal Plane, Silver Pursuit Pedal Plane, Sport Racer Pedal Plane, or Sky King Pedal Plane.

    Shipping is free within the lower 48 States.

    The holiday shopping season is upon us.  We encourage you to place your orders NOW as we are running out of the more popular items and don't want you missing out on that special gift for your child!

  65. According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, conducted by the National Institute of Health there are now more than 12 million obese and overweight children in the United States.  This statistic has more than doubled over the last twenty years!  Obesity has put children at risk for serious problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and psychological and social problems.

    Fortunately, parents can take steps to engage energetically in the cause to prevent this epidemic from growing by exercising together as a family.  University of Michigan exercise physiologist Dr. Audrey Hazekamp suggests parents teach their children by example, by getting up and making exercise fun. Doing so will keep the whole family physically and emotionally healthier.  Sharing physical activities with your kids isn't just a good way to get your heart pumping and burn calories, it's a great way to build family bonds.  When you exercise together as a family, you are creating memories your child will treasure and studies show children are more likely to exercise if you make it part of there everyday lives.  Ensuring your child will grow up to be a healthy adult is one of the greatest gifts you can give to them.
    Improve the "strength" of your family and make the conscious decision to be a positive role model for your children by beginning and enjoying family workout time.  This can include anything from riding bikes together to stepping outside for a walk while your child rides his tricycle or pedal car.  I tend to get my exercise just from chasing the kids around on their ride-on toys.  The kids love to switch from tricycle to scooter to pedal car.  They don't consider their playing exercise, but fun!
  66. We are happy to announce that the very popular All Chrome Pedal Plane is arriving approx. 11/20/08 and we are now taking pre-orders.  MANY of you have been inquiring about this adorable plane.  We have been waiting for its return for well over a year!  We strongly recommend placing your order now before they are gone!

  67. We've gotten some inquiries about a layway plan. We are now offering you a way to make payments on that special ride-on toy gift for your child. Keep in mind, 

    the holidays are right around the corner! You can make payments at a frequency of your choice (ie, weekly, biweekly, monthly) via PayPal only (credit card,

    checking account). Once you pay your balance in full, we will ship your item. There are no fees involved. If interested, please email us for details. Only 65 more

    days until Christmas! Now is the time to act!!

  68. We have just added two classic pedal fire trucks to our site.  Many of you have been inquiring about antique-style pedal cars as well as more firetrucks.  Well, you asked and we listened.  Check out the antique Limited Edition Pedal Fire Truck as well as the Deluxe Pedal Fire Truck.  These will not last long, especially with the holidays just right around the corner.  Antique Fire Truck Pedal Car
  69. Author: Rony Pollock

    Kids' ride on toys are great purchases. You will find them cute and adorable, durable and strong, actually usable by your children and grandkids, and very low-maintenance. Furthermore, it never hurts to have a nostalgic item in your household. But that is getting ahead of the story.

    Rich History

    Kids' ride on toys have a rich history stretching as far back as the 1890s, when the Daimler was sold. Pedal cars were often the exact miniature replica of the real cars on the road, from their front grilles to the rear fenders. The pedal car is as much an icon as its full-sized counterpart, especially the Model T and the roadster models.

    You can be part of this rich history when you own a pedal car. Just make sure that the model you choose has a history of its own worthy of telling your grandkids.

    Decorative Value

    If you are lucky to find an antique pedal car today, you will be treated to working horns and lights, clear windshields, movable ragtops, exquisite chrome detailing, delicate hood ornaments, and white wall tires set in an all-steel body with a custom paint job. Two words - iconic cool!

    You can display kids' ride on toys under the Christmas tree, or in its own special case in the living room, or in the library, or anywhere you want. It is a fantastic addition to your collection and to your decor!

    Collectible Value

    With their exquisite details and glossy finishes, complemented by opening hoods and trunks and even detailed engines on older models, kids' ride on toys are fast becoming collectors' items. And who would not want one of their own? It is very beautiful item of the past, which has value in these automobile-crazy times.

    Did you know that old models of pedal cars in good condition sell for as much as $2,000 on the market? This is not to say that you should sell for the money but pedal cars are an investment, too.

    Trip Down Memory Lane

    Pedal cars take you down memory lane. They are nostalgic reminders of younger, happier, more carefree times when you can put the top down, go on full speed, savor the wind on your hair and imagine that you are across the country when all you really crossed was the neighborhood street.

    Legacy for Generations

    Because of the durable construction, in olden days from steel and in modern days from molded plastic, kids' ride on toys can be passed from one generation to the next. With proper care and storage, you can witness the joy of riding pedal cars from yourself to your grandkids. In a sense, you have preserved a legacy of enjoyment and fun.

    If these reasons are not enough to convince you to own a kids ride on toys, then the sheer pleasure of looking at a perfect miniature of your dream cars - a Ferrari F430, a 1932 Roadster, a 1965 Mustang, and a 1965 Shelby GT-350 perhaps - at a very small fraction of the full-sized cars' cost should do the trick. At least then you can boast of having a garage of your dream cars!

    Article Source:

    About the Author:
    The outdoor playsets are for your children. But the kids' ride on toys is both for you and your children's pleasure. Find them all at when you visit them today!
  70. - A child should stand flat-footed on the floor and straddle the bike.

    - At that point, the child should have a minimum of 2" clearance between their inseam and the top bar of the bike's frame. If there is no top cross bar on the bike's structure, the same 2" rule should apply while imagining a bar in place.

    - The following general guidelines can also be used as a reference when determining the right size bike for a child, dependent on age and height:

    - Ages 1½ to 4 (26" tall to 38" tall) = 10" and 12" bikes

    - Ages 4 to 8 (34" tall to 48" tall) = 16" bike 

    - Ages 6 to 11 (36" tall to 54" tall) = 20" bike

    - Teen (54" tall to 60" tall) = 24" bike 

    - Adult (62" tall+) = 26" bike
  71. The following Big pedal ride-on toys are now on sale, most of them $50 off! Get these pedal tractors while they last! Big John Traffic Loader Was $189, NOW $139!! Big John Gardener Was $169, NOW $119!! Big Farm Star Pedal Tractor Was $179, NOW $129!! Big John Loader 2nd Gen Pedal Tractor $120 Was $219, NOW $169!! Big Diggi-Backhoe Trailer $50 Was $99, NOW $79!!
  72. We have just added Henry Pedal Cars to our site, the largest pedal car currently made and suitable for children aged 3 – 9 years old! It’s constructed of solid steel and powder coated in a tough scratch resistance finish, with adjustable pedals and solid rubber tires and trimmed with chrome grille, windshield & steering wheel. This will be a classic for you, your children and grandchildren.

    Roadster Pedal Cars available:
    Red Pedal Roadster
    Pink Princess Pedal Roadster
    Yellow Pedal Roadster

    Hot Rod Styles available:
    Black Hot Rod Pedal Car
    Pink Hot Rod Pedal Car

    We also have Henry Pedal Pickup Trucks and Fire Truck. The Classic Pick-up features solid steel construction, durable powder coat, adjustable pedals, added storage space with opening rear section and rear mounted chrome grab rails, chrome grill, windscreen & steering wheel. The Henry Fire Truck shares the same construction with these added features: chrome ladder racks, wooden ladders, chrome bell, unique decals, padded seat & Claxton horn. Suitable for children 2-9 years old!

    Pedal Trucks available:
    Pedal Fire Truck and Black Pickup

  73. The Injusa power ride-on toys (cars, motorcycles, go-karts) that was previously out of stock are now back!   If you are interested in one of the below popular vehicles, we suggest placing your order soon.  They are in stock and ready to ship out same or next business day!

    Boogie Car Girl
    Boogie Car Ralley
    Speedy Kart
    Power Kart
    Buddy Quad
    Grand Legend
    Phantom Racer

    Motocross Thunder
    Repsol Motorcycle

    Two Evasion Jeep

  74. We now bring you the only pedal trains in the industry!  Our Pedal Trains are made from 18 gauge stamped steel and are 35" long, 15" wide, weigh 38.5 pounds and have a shipping weight of 44 pounds. These trains have classic style, suitable for children 3-6 years, and feature solid steel construction, durable scratch resistant powder-coat finish, padded seat, classic graphics, six wheel construction and adjustable pedal mechanism; chrome steering wheel and authentic gauge bezels. No plastic! We have 5 colors to choose from: Red, Black, Green, Pink & Blue!  They come fully assembled.  Not just a toy, but an heirloom!

  75. We have had quite a number of you ask about the classic ride-on toy with the two big, yellow wheels - the Krazy Kar! Kids go krazy for this klassic kar. A children's favorite for 30 years! Kids move forward, backward, left, and right by turning the hand-powered drive wheels. Even spins in 360 degree circles! This classic toy provides an excellent upper-body workout. The foot rest is part of the molded body. Over 3 feet in diameter, it features 18" diameter drive wheels and rear swivel wheel. This ride-on toy is appropriate for kids with special needs. The krazy kar is recommended for kids up to 70 lbs, ages 3 and up. To purchase, click on the picture below.
  76. We have a new line of products coming in next week, new Mini Motos!  These battery-powered toys are for children ages 3 to 6.  We are taking orders now! 

    1) ATV Baja
    2) Dirt Bike
    3) ATV Enduro
    4) Car Bug for Girls
    5) Truck Adventure 2 Seat
    6) Classic Car
    7) ATV Racer

  77. Can't decide what to get that special child or mom? Give them a gift certificate and let them choose exactly what they want! After making your purchase, we will email you a link to the paper certificate and online code. If you don't find the denomination you need, please let us know.
  78. We've just lowered prices of many of our Berg Pedal Go-Karts as they are being discontinued.  They include the Comet, Racer BF-3, Turbo Basic, Tornado 7 Speed, Reflex 7 Speed, Triggy, Chopper AF, Twister AF.  If you've been eyeing one of these, now is the time to get it.  Once they're gone, they're gone!  We also have added a brand new John Deere pedal kart that you may be interested in.  Be sure to check it out!  We will be adding more go-karts soon!
  79. Have you purchased a product from our website?  If so, we want to hear from you!  Just look for the product you purchased, scroll to the very bottom, and post your product review.  As you know, product reviews are very helpful to those considering purchasing products, and thus, very helpful to our website.  We will reward you by sending you a 10% coupon code good for any product on our website!  So don't delay, post your review now!
  80. Good news!

    Our Toys Toys (aka Berchet) battery-powered ride-on vehicles will be back in stock on Monday and ready to ship out no later than Tuesday.  We are out of the Mini Cooper vehicles, but have at least 2 left of each of the Toys Toys ride-on vehicles listed below.  Gets yours before they're gone!   

  81. Last week we informed you that our Toys Toys (aka Berchet) electrical ride-on toys will be arriving in early March, with pre-orders being taken now.  If you are interested in any of our Toys Toys cars, we strongly suggest pre-ordering now due to the limited availability of many models.  Currently, this is the count of the import battery-powered ride-on toy cars still available for pre-order:

    Toys Toys Alfa 8C - 7
    Toys Toys Alfa Brera 6V - 3
    Toys Toys Audi TT Roadster 6V - 4
    Toys Toys BMW M6 12V - 8
    Toys Toys BMW Z4 Roadster 6V  - 14
    Toys Toys Enzo Ferrari 12V - 30
    Toys Toys Ferrari F1 12V - 4
    Toys Toys Ferrari F430 6V - 13
    Toys Toys Jaguar XK 6V - 4
    Toys Toys Mercedes SL 6V - 46
    Toys Toys Mercedes SLK 6V - 5
    Toys Toys Mini Cooper 6V - 4
    Toys Toys Porsche Boxter S 6V - 7
    Toys Toys Porsche Cayenne Turbo 6V - 4
    Toys Toys VW Beetle 6V - 4

    And new Toys Toys pedal cars coming, that can also be pre-ordered:

    Toys Toys BMW Z4 Roadster Pedal Car - 7
    Toys Toys Ferrari F430 Pedal Car - 8
    Toys Toys Mercedes SL Pedal Car - 23

    Remember, Spring is just around the corner.  The above imported battery-operated cars are very popular and will not last long!

  82. We are now taking orders for the Big toys (plastic pedal ride-ons) that were on backorder.  They should be arriving today and ready to ship out tomorrow, including the popular Linde Forklift, Fendt Dieselross Tractor, Fendt Geratetrager Tractor, Porsche Diesel Junior Tractor, Deutz Fahr Agrotron Loader, Deutz-Fahr Agrotron Tractor, Big Bobby Pedal Kart, and many more.

    We also have brand new Big ride-on toys arriving today:

    - Big Constructor
    - Big Jimmy Loader plus Trailer
    - Claas Scorpion Loader
    - Big Wheel WIlde Kerle
    - Big Bobby Runner Push Bike

    Toys Toys (aka Berchet) electrical ride-on toys from Italy will be arriving early March.  We can start taking pre-orders now.

  83. We have just added even more new products!  These are all by Airflow Collectibles. 

    1) Blue Sky King Tricycle
    2) Red Hot Rodder Jalopy Pedal Car
    3) Pretty Pink Princess Jalopy Pedal Car
    4) Fire Engine Jalopy Pedal Car
    5) Yellow Brum Pedal Car
    6) Red Jr. Sky King Trike
    7) Pink Jr. Sky King Trike
    8) Silver Retro Rocker
    9) Red Retro Rocker
  84. We have several RC Learning Curve and Peg Perego products back in stock.  With Spring just around the corner, they will not last long.

    John Deere Heavy Hauler Tricycle
    John Deere Mighty Trike (Tuff Trax)
    Thomas the Train Battery-Powered Track Rider

    Just in!

    And coming soon, John Deere 16" Girl's Bicycle!

    We will be posting LOTS of Dexton products very soon, including pedal cars, pedal tractors, antique battery-powered vehicles, and vintage-style toy furniture.  Please feel free to email us about any Dexton product not listed yet.

  85. We have been pretty busy processing your Christmas orders.  Please be advised that, as we get closer to Christmas, we cannot guarantee that your orders will ship same or next business day due to the many orders we are receiving each day.  We are currently shipping most items within 24 to 48 hours. 

    To be sure that you get the items you want for Christmas, we suggest placing your order now!  Many of our battery-powered ride-on toys are low in stock, with some of the popular ones already out of stock.

    We have just added two brand new Injusa ride-on toys:
    - Injusa Speedy Kart 6v
    - Injusa Pocket Bike Racer 24v

    And we have the following popular Injusa power ride-on vehicles back in stock:
    - Boogie Car Girl 6v
    - Boogie Rally Car
    - F1 Go-Kart 24v
    - Power Kart 6v

    We wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving with family and friends!

  86. We have just added two new tow trucks to our huge line of pedal cars.  We know many of you were disappointed when some of our jalopy pedal tow trucks were discontinued, so we added these bigger tow trucks to make up for them.  Be sure to check them out!

    Yellow Deluxe Sad Face Tow Truck
    Red Deluxe Sad Face Tow Truck

     And while you're looking at tow trucks, be sure to revisit the other two we also have in stock:

    Yellow Jalopy Pedal Tow Truck
    1932 Tow Truck Ford Roadster Pedal Car

  87. Good news!  The popular Toys Toys (Berchet) battery-powered ride-on vehicles below will be in stock tomorrow and will start shipping Friday.  If you're one of those that have been waiting patiently for them, now's the time to place your order.  They will not last!

    Mercedes SL
    Mini Cooper
    Mercedes SLK
    Enzo Ferrari
    Ferrari F1

    We also have a new Toys Toys pedal ride-on toy coming tomorrow:

    Mercedes SL (Pedal)
  88. There has been a lot of media coverage recently about unsafe toys from China.  We'd like you to know that all of our toys are inspected and certified to pass all applicable toy safety standards, including lead based paint. Our distributors are in contact with the factories that make our cars on a regular basis and have the test results that show that the paint materials are tested and do comply. 

    If you follow the financial news you may also be aware that the currency valuation between the US dollar and the Chinese RMB has been very unfavorable. The resulting exchange rate has caused one of our distributors to slightly increase prices of their pedal cars, including the very popular Speedster Fire Truck. The increase in crude oil prices has also caused the ocean freight to increase dramatically. New prices will be posted and take effect November 1st for all retailers carrying these items. Because of the coming holidays, it may be worthwhile for you to order now! 
    The below pedal cars affected by the price change  (Prices shown will slightly change November 1, 2007):
  89. We now have PlasmaCars by PlaSmart in stock.  Plasma Cars come in six different colors: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Purple, & Limited Edition Pink.

    Also, we have lowered prices on many popular Injusa, Toys Toys, and Big battery-powered vehicles and pedal ride-on toys.  Be sure to check them out.  Our popular Toys Toys (aka Berchet) battery-operated ride-on toys that have been out of stock will be in stock by the end of this month, so watch for them.  They will not last, especially with the Christmas holiday just around the corner.

  90. We are happy to inform our customers that our out of stock Injusa battery-operated vehicles (motorcycles, go-karts, & other vehicles) will be back in stock next week!  We are also bringing in many new Injusa ride-on toys.  These products will be ready to ship by Aug. 22.  If you are interested in any of these popular electric Injusa toys, we suggest placing your order now.  These Injusa ride-on toy imports will go fast! 

    Buddy Quad
    Repsol Motorcycle
    Motocross Thunder 12 volt
    Mega Cyclops Quad
    F1 Go-Kart

    Check out all of our Injusa power vehicles on our battery-powered vehicles page.

  91. We have several new battery-powered vehicles coming soon.  Be sure to check them all out!

    Injusa Big Wheels Go-Kart 12v
    Injusa F1 Go-Kart 24v
    Injusa Mega Cyclops Quad 12v 2 Motors
    Injusa Motocross Thunder Max VX 12v
    Injusa Quad Mantis 12v

    We have also added many John Deere ride-on toys, including pedal tractors, bicycles, and tricycles, with more coming soon.  You will also want to check out our other new tricycles.

    Good news for those waiting on the cute green and black jalopy pedal pickup trucks  They're back!  Order now before they're all gone!

  92. We'd like to announce the expansion of our pedal tractor line.  Come see our new additions!  We also added tractor trailers.

    Also, be sure to check out our NEW 1934 Classic Pedal Cars in Red and Black as well as our NEW Velocipede Tricycle.

    We now have popular items available that had been out of stock for some time, including the Sporty in Red.  The very popular Jalopy Pick-up in Green and Black will be back in stock in about a week, but can be pre-ordered now.

    If there are any products like you'd to see us carry, just drop us a line!  We welcome all comments and suggestions. 

    Happy 4th of July!  Stay Safe!

  93. We want to inform you that the out of stock items many of you have been asking about are now back in stock!  A lot of these items will go fast, so order now!
    NOW in stock:
    Hot Dog - NEW ITEM
    Pink - NEW ITEM
    Racer/Silver - NEW ITEM
    Racer/Red - NEW ITEM
    Fire Truck
    Gas  Pumps 
    Red with shelves
    Black Route 66 with shelves
    Jalopy Sedans
    Harry Car
    Harriet Car
    Pedal Car Chassis
  94. We would like to announce the addition of our new Pedal Tractors, as well as other farm ride-on toys, which many of you have requested.  You asked for them, and now we've got them!  We will be adding more tractors in the near future.
    We have also added many new scoot-along ride-on toys for the younger kids, as well as self-propelled vehicles for ages 3-12.  Some of you may remember the Flying Turtle or the Roller Racer of the 1980s, where you place your feet on the handlebars, grip the handlebars, then swing the handlebars from side to side to make it go.  These were very popular in the 80s, and now we've got them!
    Be sure to browse our website for other products you may have missed.  We are adding new products on a regular basis.
    And don't forget, next Sunday is Mother's Day!
  95. Specializing in pedal cars, we never thought this would ever happen.  We waited for April Fool's Day to introduce our new product line...Battery-Powered Vehicles!  This is no joke.  We've added Injusa's Powered Vehicles.  Made in Spain, these Injusa ride-on toys are top of the line.  We've also added Toys Toys Ride-On Toys, including the popular Mini Cooper, Mercedes SL, and VW Beetle.  Check them out!
    If there is anything you'd like to see on our website, just let us know.
  96. We would like to announce the addition of our pedal carts to our website. Many of you have been inquiring about go-karts, so here they are:  Pedal Carts (Go-Karts)

    We have also added classic coolers to our site, a product we feel make a nice addition to our website: Retro Coolers.  And remember, we offer free shipping on all our products!

    And last, but certainly not least, we'd like to ask you for pictures of products you have purchased from us, with the happy owner riding them, of course. Any comments you have about our products and service are also greatly appreciated. We plan to post customers' pictures and feedback on our website soon.
  97. We have just added approximately 30 new products to our website, including Sad Face Pedal Cars, Pedal Racers, Pedal Planes, and All-Chrome products. We are very excited about our new products and know you will be, too.

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