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Classic Pedal Race Car (Racer) Ride-On Toys

Our Pedal Racer was inspired by the famous 1952 through 1957 Ferrari F2 Racers and other Grand Prix type racers of that era. The famous and rare Giordani Racers of the mid fifties is also in its heritage. Whereas most of the Giordani Racers were made of fiberglass, our Pedal Racer is all steel. It is a beautiful pedal race car, so well proportioned most people are unaware of how big it is, almost 50% bigger than our other pedal vehicles. This pedal race car comes with chrome rims, a chrome steering wheel, chrome knock off spinners, chrome windshield and a big chrome grille. This is a very unique vehicle that will light up the heart of any child. This pedal race car is recommended for ages 3 to 7. The pedal racer comes in chrome, red, and black.  Your child will have fond memories of his very first race car for years to come, and so will the neighbors!
In case you missed it, actor Emile Hirsch, star of Speed Racer, was featured on Parade Magazine's "In Step With..." on May 4, 2008.  In the picture, Hirsch is riding on American Retro's pedal race car painted to look like the Mach 1.
Speed Racer's Emile Hirsh on Mach 5 (Pedal Racer Ride-On Toy)
Speed Racer's Emile Hirsh on Mach 5 (Pedal Racer)
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