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Blog - Pedal Car Planet News, Updates & More

Pedal Car Planet News, Updates & More

The long-awaited, very popular '55 classic pedal cars have arrived and are ready to ship!  The 55's now have an improved steering system, a new pedal mechanism and an improved perimeter frame. These changes help to make the 55's have smoother steering, a sturdier frame and overall just more solid. Some other changes you can expect to see is that the Red/Beige 55 is now Red/White. Also, the seat padding on all of the 55's is now a very attractive dark brown. These changes have been made to improve the quality of our 55 Classics but still keep them cost effective. We know you will like them as much as we do. If you want one of these under your Christmas tree this year, you better place your order now!

1955 Classic Pedal Car (Pink & White)

1955 Classic Pedal Car (Red & White)

1955 Classic Sidewalk Cruiser Hot Rod Pedal Car (Black)

The 1955 Classic Pedal Car (Aqua & White) is due to arrive within the next week or two.

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