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Pedal Cars
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Green Retro Style Pickup Truck Pedal CarGreen Retro Style Pickup Truck Pedal Car
MotoTec 24v Electric Moped PurpleMotoTec 24v Electric Moped Purple
Red Classic Pedal CarRed Classic Pedal CarOur red classic all-metal construction pedal car features adjustable non-slip pedals, sealed ball bearing drive, long lasting solid rubber tires, and safe powder coat paint. Adjustable pedals.
Red Retro Style Pickup Truck Pedal CarRed Retro Style Pickup Truck Pedal Car
Retro Blue Jay Steel TricycleRetro Blue Jay Steel Tricycle
Retro Fire Engine Pumper Pedal CarRetro Fire Engine Pumper Pedal Car
Shelby Cobra Steel Childs Pedal Car Limited Edition - BlueShelby Cobra Steel Childs Pedal Car Limited Edition - BlueMost kids have to wait a long time to get their dream car, but with this officially-licensed Shelby Cobra pedal car, they don’t even need a license! 
This all-steel pedal car has the styling cues of the full-sized original, including stainless-steel bumperettes, exhaust pipes, headlight and taillight trim, gas cap, windshield frame, and steering wheel. It also features a padded leatherette seat, semi-pneumatic tires for a smooth ride, a riveted hood scoop, and authentic Shelby badges.
Yellow Retro Pedal CarYellow Retro Pedal Car

Retro Style Steel Pedal Car YELLOW

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